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Cocktail Dresses UK her customers prefer for their kids

Boutique goes with classics Not too funky, crazy or wild said, owner of bethel children's boutique, describing the clothing Cocktail Dresses UK her customers prefer for their kids. "Traditional, classic styles are what always sell well here,"Said lopez, who purchased the 950squarefoot boutique at 134 greenwood ave.In 2008.The store formerly was called bethel baby boutique, and was in the same location for 12 years, she said. The boutique sells dressy and casual children's clothing from newborn to age 7.Communion and christmas dresses are available through size 12.It also sells shoes, stuffed animals, gift items, books, hair accessories, pillows and towels for newborns and children. Prices range from $8 for bibs to $22 for sleepers to $85 for baby blankets.Christening dresses run from $30 to $300. One feature often seen in traditional children's clothing, said lopez, is smocking.This is decorative stitching across the top of pleats that add texture and dimension to fabric.Classic girls clothing, no matter what size, always has a very feminine look, she added. One of the store's newest lines is antonella kids, which is made in peru. "The clothing is all handmade from pima cotton, which is the highest quality blend of cotton,"Said lopez, 37, of bethel, a mother of two young boys. She sells antonella kids dresses, cardigans, blankets, booties, sandals and bibs. "In april, i bought my(4yearold)Daughter, tessa, a blue silk, highwaist antonella kids dress Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses UK to wear for my son's communion,"Customer of bethel said. "It's very soft and not stiff like the way many formal dresses feel.Tessa was able to do ballet moves in it. " Organic clothing brands, such as under the nile from egypt and sage creek from india, have been big sellers, lopez added. Twice a year, she learns the latest fashion trends by attending trade shows in massachusetts, new york city and westport. "This season, bright colors are in fashion, such as greens, vivid blues, pinks, reds and yellows,"Lopez said. "Spring and summer are our busiest times of year, since this is when christenings and communions take place,"She said.Christmas is another busy time, she added. Longterm customer of danbury said she makes the trip into bethel"Whenever i'm going to any occasion when Prom Dresses UK Sale it involves a baby. "I'm not a mall person,"Schmidt said. "I prefer to shop in independent stores.Maria helps me choose exactly what i want. "